Z2K responds to Shelter Social Housing Commission

Z2K has published its response to the Shelter Commission on Social Housing.

Every year Z2K supports hundreds of people who have fallen into rent arrears and faced eviction and homelessness, including the tenants of both local authorities and housing associations.  We also see an increasing number of social tenants whose homes are left in disrepair for excessive periods.

Drawing on these clients’ experiences and our staff’s wealth of expertise in the housing sector, Z2K works to achieve systemic changes in housing policy for the benefit of low-income tenants. Our response combines our policy and casework experience to highlight the issues in social housing provision, explain the historic causes of current problems and provide

Commenting on the Commission, Z2K Policy Director Marc Francis said, “Social housing ought to be good quality, genuinely affordable rented housing provided with secure or assured tenancies and responsible landlord management.  However, in Z2K’s experience, this is not always the reality for many social housing tenants. Moreover, many people are unable to access the social housing they need because of severe shortages. The  Government must act now to improve the provision and security of housing for people on low incomes.”

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