Z2K Hardship Fund

Our hardship fund will give our clients emergency support when they need it most, from paying for food to heating their homes.

People were already struggling before the Covid-19 pandemic and are now facing an even bigger struggle this Christmas. With escalating living costs and people having to make difficult decisions about putting food on the table or heating their homes, more and more people are being pushed into poverty.

Z2K’s vision is that no individual in the UK should live in poverty. We believe that adequate income and secure housing are crucial to creating an equal society where everyone can have a stable and dignified life.

We know the rising cost of living will affect us all, but it won’t be felt equally. Those already experiencing poverty and destitution urgently need our support. To assist people through these difficult times, we have created a hardship fund to help support people in ways they need.

Donate today to our Hardship Fund to help people, especially those who are already struggling, to get through Christmas:

£5 could help someone top up their oyster travel card to ensure they can attend essential appointments

£10 could pay for phone credit for someone that needs to stay in touch with their landlord or benefits advisor

£20 could contribute towards the costs of white goods for someone living in emergency or temporary accommodation

£50 could help provide emergency food shopping for a family struggling with the cost-of-living rises

People need our help now more than ever. Support Z2K today so we can help more people this Christmas.

We want to support more people like Simon*, who came to Z2K when they needed help applying for a freedom pass. Upon exploration, it was also identified that Simon had issues with mould in their bedroom, which caused them to sleep on the sofa. Further, Simon was not getting their full entitlement to social security benefits and needed help understanding their energy costs.

With Z2K’s support, Simon could apply for a freedom pass by liaising directly with their GP to get a letter of support. We supported them in writing a letter of complaint to the housing association due to the mould, which resulted in the disrepair being dealt with and compensation of £28 towards their fuel costs. It also meant the client could return to sleeping in their bedroom, which improved Simon’s mental health. We supported Simon in completing a mandatory reconsideration regarding their social security entitlement. This decision is still outstanding, but if successful, Simon will receive an increase of £40.04 per week. Further, we advised the client on their energy costs and ways to reduce their monthly spending on energy, including by giving accurate meter readings rather than estimates.

As part of the advice and support given by Z2K to Simon, we were able to provide support grants from our hardship fund: £25 for a Tesco voucher, given a need for immediate food support, and £12.50 to cover the admin fee for the GP letter supporting the Freedom Pass application. As a result of the license, the client said their mental health and standard of living have increased, mainly because they can now travel to see family without worrying about costs and can return to sleeping in their bed. Simon says he now understands their financial position better.

If you would like to discuss donating or fundraising for Z2K, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing samanthaevans@z2k.org

Thank you for your support.


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