What we do

“It combines casework evidence with policy. It still has the ability to campaign which many advice sector organisations have lost. It is happy to engage with other organisations to make its work more effective”
Z2K (Zacchaeus 2000 Trust) is an anti-poverty charity which combines direct help for people living in poverty in London with national campaigning for Social Security and housing systems that work for all. This unique, integrated model of working enables us to directly help thousands of people access justice whilst also pursuing transformative change for hundreds of thousands nationally.

Our vision is that no individual in the UK should be living in poverty. Our mission is to provide the advice and support people need to overcome their social security and housing problems whilst campaigning for a fairer system that provides a safety net and the ability to move on for those who are most at risk of poverty and homelessness. Through our work we seek to contribute towards the following strategic aims:

  1. Fair and equal access to a social security system that treats people with dignity
  2. Affordable, secure and quality housing
  3. Participation of people experiencing poverty in their communities and in decision-making
  4. Positive public perceptions of people experiencing poverty and entitled to social security

Our clients, their needs and experiences are at the heart of everything we do.

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Volunteer - Pro Bono

Our dedicated volunteer lawyers share their time and expertise on our Tribunal Project, so that individuals can access their benefits they have been wrongly denied
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