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    Ignore and refute: Government’s response to the Work and Pensions Select Committee’s Universal Credit report

    At the beginning of the year, the Government responded to the Work and Pensions Select Committee’s report ‘Universal Credit: The wait for a first payment.’ This report contained extensive evidence from a range of stakeholders on the hardship Universal Credit’s (UC) design flaws, including the minimum five week wait for a first payment, is causing – as well as considered recommendations put forward by the Committee that could help alleviate these. The Government’s response was pitiful – it ignored and refuted the evidence, instead outlining how it will continue to push forward with policies that have very little regard for the people who depend on them for support.

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    Anti-poverty charity, Z2K, welcomes the Work and Pensions Committee’s new report on the DWP’s response to the coronavirus outbreak

    “Disabled people, charities, the Government’s own Social Security Advisory Committee and now the cross-party select committee have all called for this injustice to be corrected. Ministers must stop wasting crucial time and extend the emergency increase to all out of work benefits to ensure everyone is kept safe during this pandemic.” Anela Anwar, Z2K’s CEO, responds to the Work and Pension Committee’s new report on the DWP’s response to the coronavirus outbreak


    A social security system for the long-term, not just COVID-19

    Our Social Security system should act as a safety net. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of people needing its support has risen by over a million, and the cracks that have been there for years are suddenly at the forefront of a lot more people’s attention.

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    Join us for Z2K’s Labour Conference Fringe Meeting

    Ending DWP’s “hostile environment” against disabled people

    The session will be chaired by Raji Hunjan, Z2K Chief Executive, and will feature:
    – Marsha De Cordova MP (Shadow Disabilities Minister)
    – Ruth George MP (Work & Pensions Select Committee)
    – Jim Widdowson (Z2K Client)
    Date & Time: 12.30pm, Tuesday 24th September
    Venue: Regency Suite, Old Ship Hotel