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    ‘My brother didn’t die so people could be treated like this’

    ‘We’re not just fighting for an extra £20 a week for people, we’re fighting to ensure that the Government treats all people with dignity and respect, regardless of their status in society.’ Read Ella’s piece on the campaign #IncreaseDisabilityBenefits and the impact the discriminatory move by Government has had on millions of people.


    A social security system for the long-term, not just COVID-19

    Our Social Security system should act as a safety net. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of people needing its support has risen by over a million, and the cracks that have been there for years are suddenly at the forefront of a lot more people’s attention.

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    Z2K gives evidence to the Work and Pensions Committee on behalf of the DBC

    Z2K’s Marc Francis gave evidence to the newly formed Work and Pensions Committee on behalf of the DBC. He explained the inadequacies of the current assessment process for disability benefits, and how many unwell people could be left without benefits for months on end due to COVID-19


    Why Universal Credit was flawed from the start

    The Lords Economic Affairs Committee has just held an inquiry into Universal Credit (UC). As Z2K outlined in our response to this inquiry, 10 years on and many delays later, UC is failing to deliver on its original aims because these aims were either misconceived or subject to bad design decisions.