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  • PRESS RELEASE | Z2K Responds to the announcement that Labour will scrap Universal Credit

    Raji Hunjan, CEO: “Universal Credit is based on the prejudices of its architects – that everyone can + should work + that those who are not should be forced to do so”, she continues, “Amongst Z2K’s clients, disabled + seriously unwell people have been particularly badly affected by Universal Credit… Labour is absolutely right to call for an end to this social experiment on the nation’s poorest.”

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    Press Release: DWP Response to Work & Pensions Inquiry into the Benefit Cap

    Anti-poverty charity, Z2K today slammed DWP’s response to the Work & Pensions Select Committee as “complacent” and “harmful”.  The charity, which has helped hundreds of families affected by the cap since its introduction in 2013, was amongst those organisations giving evidence to the committee as part of its inquiry last autumn into the impact of the lower cap.