Defend vital benefits for disabled people unable to work

Disability benefits provide essential security and support for seriously ill and disabled people, helping with extra costs and providing an income when people are unable to work. The government's plans to reform the system will leave some seriously ill and disabled people unable to cover basic living costs, and they could also face sanctions if they do not comply with specific work-search expectations that could threaten their wellbeing.

The ask

Ask parliamentary candidates in your constituency to oppose dangerous and unfair reforms to disability benefits and make sure that seriously ill and disabled people have the security we all need. 


What is happening?

You’ll have heard about the upcoming General Election on the 4th of July. But what does this mean for plans to reform disability benefits?

The current government was planning to introduce new regulations to tighten the Work Capability Assessment imminently. The good news is that it’s extremely unlikely that these regulations will be laid out before the election. However, we can’t rule it out until parliament dissolves. And we know the regulations have been written up within DWP, ready to go. So we need all parties to clearly commit to not introducing these reforms, whatever the result of the election. 

The Health and Disability White Paper and the Green Paper on reforming PIP haven’t been introduced as live pieces of legislation yet. We’ll continue to set out why we oppose these plans and respond to the Green Paper consultation. Any progress on the White Paper and Green Paper will be down to the next government. We will be urging politicians to look at our proposal for how to make the disability benefits system work better for everyone.

The General Election is a real opportunity to come together and turn the tide on disability benefits reform. Take action today and ask your parliamentary candidates to defend vital benefits for seriously ill and disabled people.

Why is this important?

Working-age disabled people are already almost twice as likely as non-disabled people to be in poverty. Almost two thirds living in destitution have a long-term health condition or disability. The proposed changes risk pushing disabled people even deeper into poverty and harming people’s physical and mental health. 


Making Universal Credit work for seriously ill and disabled people

The current disability benefits system isn’t working and government’s proposals will only make matters worse. Many seriously ill and disabled people are wrongly denied support or face cruel sanctions, and trying work can be risky – what if you lose vital extra income? We’ve worked with people who have lived experience of the disability benefits system to co-produce a proposal for the future of the disability benefits system that a new government can take forward.


Get Involved

As we head into a general election and parliamentary candidates look to win your vote, we have a real opportunity to influence decision-makers.

You can take action today by asking parliamentary candidates in your constituency to stand against dangerous reforms to disability benefits which will deny seriously ill and disabled people vital support and call for a system which enables everyone to live with security, stability and dignity. Keep your eyes peeled for further opportunities to get involved in the coming months!