People Before Process

We all deserve to live with dignity and respect, but for years disabled people have been going through a disability benefits assessment process that has been described as ‘degrading’, ‘hostile’ and ‘discriminatory’, and stopped too many from getting the income they are entitled to.

Nearly half of all people in poverty in the UK are either disabled themselves or live with someone who is disabled. This has to change.

We want this Government to make a real and genuine commitment to working with disabled people, people with health conditions, and Deaf and Disabled people’s organisations (DDPO’s) to affect true change to the disability benefits assessment processes.

The Department for Work and Pension’s (DWP) recent Health and Disability Green Paper was a missed opportunity to deliver that.

Write to your MP today to ensure DWP’s reforms to health and disability benefits go further, and disabled people and those with health conditions receive the income they are entitled to and the dignified and respectful treatment they deserve.