Our work with People in 2021

CASES opened
(we also closed 1450 cases)
£ 300000
(including future awards)
clients supported
in 2021

Social Security Benefits Casework

social security benefit
cases supported in 2020
Disability Living Allowance




Employment and Support Allowance


Housing Benefits


Personal Independence Payments


Universal Credit


Other: Carer Allowance, Income Support


Housing Casework & Homelessness Prevention

people assessed to
be housed in the
private rented sector
housing cases
supported in
prevented from

"I was street homeless and in a wheelchair"

Tribunal Representation

We continue to provide Londoners with tribunal representation when they are appealing their negative benefit decisions, including disability benefits and Universal Credit. In 2021, we worked with eleven corporate law firms and two Universities to represent hundreds of people who have been denied access to the benefits they are entitled to. 

Please note, the Covid-19 pandemic had an effect on how quickly cases were being listed and this impacted our numbers in the last two years.

In 2021, we supported 288 tribunal cases: of which 156 received decisions.
Our success rate was 87%

Wrap Around Support

workshops delivered (budgeting, income maximisation, digital campaigning etc.)
grants accessed for
clients (white goods,
houshold items etc.)
forms completed on
behalf of clients with
support from volunteers

Our Impact

As a result of our casework and projects, we continue to achieve positive benefit outcomes for our clients. We find that by achieving this, leading to increased incomes and reduced financial liability, helps them to live securely. In 2020, of closed cases:

994 recorded an improvement in understanding of their benefit rights and entitlements
304 stated they are more able to manage their finances after working with Z2K
132 stated they are able to better navigate the benefit system

Policy and Campaigning Achievements

#IncreaseLegacyBenefits Campaign:
  • Standard Allowance for Universal Credit raised by £20 a week but legacy benefits (Job Seekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance and Income Support) were raised by just £1.35 a week
  • Led opposition in conjunction with the Disability Benefits Consortium (100+ organisations)
  • Campaign secured over 120,000 supporters
  • Topic covered in over 140 titles, including articles in The Guardian, Independence and Mirror, as well as numerous local newspapers
  • Evidence presented to the Work and Pensions Select Committee’s inquiry on Department for Work and Pension (DWP)’s response to Covid-19
  • Thousands of people emailing their MP about this injustice
  • Government’s own Social Security Advisory Committee challenged ministers on this issue
  • More recently, Lord Economic Affairs Committee (amongst others) supported our call
  • Now pursuing legal challenge on this issue
Grew Client Engagement:
  • Weekly workshops with a dozen clients to talk about their experiences of Universal Credit, homelessness and living in insecure and poor-quality private rented sector accommodation
  • Clients learnt four storytelling skills for digital campaigning: blogging, vlogging, audio recordings and photography
  • Most described their experiences publicly in audio recordings in a project called #LifeAfterLockdown
  • They shared their views of what they think needs to change in the social security and housing systems to protect people 
  • Our video launching the project had 6.1k views and our tweet received 19.4k impressions
  • Two clients shared their experiences at our Universal Credit report launch event and at an APPG meeting, and one was interviewed by BBC News at 6pm and BBC London
  • The group continue to meet every month and we aim for it to form the basis of a longer-term user reference group

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