Help with Rent Arrears, Benefits & Council Tax

We can help with:

  • Rent arrears
  • Housing benefit over- or underpayments
  • Most aspects of Council Tax (including arrears)
  • Benefit and tax credit overpayment claims or sanctions
  • Small fines, e.g. for non-payment of TV licence or truancy
  • Appeals against the refusal, reduction or suspension of benefit, including tribunal submissions and representation
  • Applications for/problems with Local Support Payments or Discretionary Housing Payments

We can:

  • Negotiate with the authorities on your behalf
  • Help to deal with bailiffs enforcing debt arising from one of the issues above
  • Put pressure on the welfare and courts system and help to clear up mistakes
  • Help you seek a review of a decision or complain to an Ombudsman
  • Provide non-legal representation at court or tribunal hearings
  • Help you lodge a complaint about unfair handling of your case

We cannot:

  • Fill in forms
  • Help you make an application, including for benefits/housing
  • Help with financial institution loans such as mortgage, credit cards etc.
  • Help with payday loans