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    Z2K Covid-19 Response

    From Tuesday 14th April, we are opening our phones lines from 10 to 4 pm.  We are also available via our online contacts form.  Our services are open to anyone who is:

    – of working age
    – live in London
    – be entitled to means-tested benefits

    We are also continuing to plan our longer term response, to be ready to push for a continuation of all temporary uplifts in benefits, a complete suspension of sanctions and the benefit cap, and for continued systemic change to ensure a benefits system that works effectively as a safety net.


    A social security system for the long-term, not just COVID-19

    Our Social Security system should act as a safety net. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of people needing its support has risen by over a million, and the cracks that have been there for years are suddenly at the forefront of a lot more people’s attention.


    Why Universal Credit was flawed from the start

    The Lords Economic Affairs Committee has just held an inquiry into Universal Credit (UC). As Z2K outlined in our response to this inquiry, 10 years on and many delays later, UC is failing to deliver on its original aims because these aims were either misconceived or subject to bad design decisions.