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    Homeless families deserve better than council gatekeeping

    I’ve been working in the advice sector from the days of the House of Lords case of Street v Mountford – too many years, some may say! And I thought I knew most of the tricks London Boroughs use to deny homeless people their legal rights. But its only when I came to Z2K and started dealing with Westminster City Council’s Housing Options Service on a regular basis that I realised I didn’t know the half of it.


    Ignore and refute: Government’s response to the Work and Pensions Select Committee’s Universal Credit report

    At the beginning of the year, the Government responded to the Work and Pensions Select Committee’s report ‘Universal Credit: The wait for a first payment.’ This report contained extensive evidence from a range of stakeholders on the hardship Universal Credit’s (UC) design flaws, including the minimum five week wait for a first payment, is causing – as well as considered recommendations put forward by the Committee that could help alleviate these. The Government’s response was pitiful – it ignored and refuted the evidence, instead outlining how it will continue to push forward with policies that have very little regard for the people who depend on them for support.


    How the Government have continued to prop up a two-tier welfare state by ignoring 2 million people during this pandemic

    The Government have refused to engage with the evidence that the almost 2 million people on legacy benefits, who are predominantly disabled, sick, or careers, need an increase in their income. This refusal means that too many legacy benefit claimants are left to choose between heating their homes, buying medication or putting warm food on the table.


    Making sure London’s Recovery Addresses Poverty and Inequality too

    Z2K was really pleased to hear about the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s decision earlier this summer to set up the London Recovery Board to examine what needs to be done for the Capital to be a better place after the pandemic than it was before it started. With the dreaded second wave of Covid-19 now upon us that might feel like a huge uphill challenge or even a distraction. But the reality is that London is a deeply unequal city and that has to change in future, not least if the Mayor himself is to deliver on his own original 2016 promises.


    Why claiming UC has been a “saviour” is misleading

    A recent article from The Times stated that Universal Credit (UC) “has been a surprisingly efficient saviour for millions hit by the pandemic.” At Z2K, we know first-hand how misleading this claim is. For too many of the people we help, UC causes financial and emotional hardship and has failed to be of support during Covid-19.