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    Z2K’s response to the Budget

    This budget fails to provide people on Social Security benefits and tenants in privately-rented accommodation with the stability and support they so desperately need right now.


    My experience of the hostile environment that is Universal Credit

    I’m Carl, I’m 39, and I’ve been receiving UC for three years. Around the same time I started claiming UC I was diagnosed with degenerative disorder, a condition that affects the vertebrae and nerves in my back and gives me problems with chronic pain.


    Chair of Trustees Mick McAteer celebrates 15 years of Z2K

    Nearly half the country has now probably had to celebrate its birthday during the Coronavirus lockdown. And this week Z2K has joined that company as we mark the 15th anniversary since our registration with the charity commission. Any celebrations will rightly be put on hold as the country and especially the poorer communities we serve suffer from the direct weight of this terrible virus and its devastating economic fall-out. As chair of this wonderful organisation, however, I want to take a moment to look back at its achievements and the challenges ahead.

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    Anti-poverty charity, Z2K, welcomes the Work and Pensions Committee’s new report on the DWP’s response to the coronavirus outbreak

    “Disabled people, charities, the Government’s own Social Security Advisory Committee and now the cross-party select committee have all called for this injustice to be corrected. Ministers must stop wasting crucial time and extend the emergency increase to all out of work benefits to ensure everyone is kept safe during this pandemic.” Anela Anwar, Z2K’s CEO, responds to the Work and Pension Committee’s new report on the DWP’s response to the coronavirus outbreak

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    Press release: Z2K announces appointment of new Chief Executive

    Anti-poverty charity, Z2K, today announced the appointment of Anela Anwar as its new Chief Executive. “At the same time as welcoming Anela, I also want to pay tribute again to our outgoing Chief Executive, Raji Hunjan who leaves this week to take up her new role at Oak Foundation. “