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    Error 404: Digital Access not Found

    Being of a younger generation and with English as my first language, I am aware of my privilege in being able to navigate a life dictated and shaped by the internet, and computer literacy. Since Covid-19, the necessity to be digitally adept has only increased. However, without the adequate education and provision of resources to ensure digital access for everyone, the benefits system and local authority services remain unfit for purpose.


    Universal Credit: When “Natural Migration” causes more harm than good

    When Judy found herself being moved on to Universal Credit, she had not anticipated the stress and financial anxiety it would cause her. Rather than helping her to take control of her life, it has set her back in her mental health and ability to live independently. Z2K Caseworker, Natasha Cross, on UC and natural migration.

    UPDATE: Our evidence to the Work and Pensions committee has now been published.