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    Homeless families deserve better than council gatekeeping

    I’ve been working in the advice sector from the days of the House of Lords case of Street v Mountford – too many years, some may say! And I thought I knew most of the tricks London Boroughs use to deny homeless people their legal rights. But its only when I came to Z2K and started dealing with Westminster City Council’s Housing Options Service on a regular basis that I realised I didn’t know the half of it.


    From Assessment to Assessment, from 65 Points to Zero: No Safety in the System

    Our head of casework writes about one of our disabled clients who in 2016 was awarded 65 points on her Employment and Support Allowance with the recommendation never to be reassessed at Tribunal. She was then reassessed and awarded ZERO points. UPDATE: After 6 months of waiting, Joyce was placed back in the support group without her case being listed for a hearing on the basis of her previous award.


    A Tale of Two Assessments

    Senior Casework Manager Anne Killeen shows how two medical assessments by the Department of Work and Pensions produced two opposite decisions


    Pimlico Advice Hub Case Study

    Senior Casework Manager shows how we helped a client on the verge of eviction so they could stay in their home