An update on Z2K’s #ScraptheLetters campaign

We launched our campaign to stop the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) from sending letters telling doctors to withhold sick notes from the ill and disabled people seeking Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

Since we launched the campaign on the 18th March, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response:

  • Significant media interest – see our news section below
  • Over 118,000 have signed our petition – if you have not signed it yet, sign here. 
  • Our hashtag #ScraptheLetters was trending on Twitter at the end of April
  • 11,000 people have written to their MPs
  • Two influential medical bodies, the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and The British Medical Association (BMA), came out in support of our campaign. Both denied agreeing to the wording of the letters. Read more here. 

The ESA65B letters are actively misleading and result in denying the patient / claimant their right to gain the benefits they are not only fully entitled to, but need to survive. Further still, the collateral damage results in devastating outcomes for our clients; a domino effect of rent arrears, debt, reliance on foodbanks and ultimately, potential homelessness.

Our #ScraptheLetters campaign calls for the letters to be withdrawn.

If you have signed it, thank you for supporting us. We couldn’t do it without you. If you haven’t already, please help spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends and family:

Send a tweet to ministers at the DWP:

.@DWP, stop sending letters telling Drs to withhold fit notes from ill + #disabled people seeking income they need to survive. @AmberRuddHR, listen to the people telling you these letters are driving them into #poverty. #ScraptheLetters @Z2K_Trust

.@rcgp + @TheBMA come out in support of @Z2K_Trust #ScraptheLetters campaign. Both DENY agreeing to the wording of the damaging letters @DWP are sending to Drs. @theresecoffey, withdraw the letters today.

The letters @DWP are sending to Drs have caused irrevocable damage + continue to do so as long as they exist .@JustinTomlinson suggests ‘revisions’ by Summer. @theresecoffey, consult with ill + disabled people + @Z2K_Trust + #ScraptheLetters altogether:

.@JustinTomlinson says @DWP will ‘revise’ the misleading letters they are sending to Drs by Summer. This isn’t good enough. @theresecoffey, the letters are driving ill + #Disabled people into #poverty you must #ScraptheLetters TODAY: @Z2K_Trust

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