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We believe that no individual in the UK should be living in poverty and that adequate, stable income and housing are crucial to creating a more equal society where everyone can have a stable and dignified life. We work with Londoners experiencing benefits or housing issues and campaign for social security and housing systems that work for all.

Our Chair of Trustees, Emeka, is taking on the London 10K on Sunday 14th July 2024 to support our vital services that support over 1000 Londoners annually and campaign to defend the rights of disabled and seriously ill people across the UK. 

Support his efforts by donating what you can afford to his fundraising page!

We spend 94p in every £1 on delivering our services, so just £5 can make a big difference to a small charity like Z2K:

The unseen crisis

No one chooses to live in poverty, yet over 1 in 5 people now do so in the UK. For those we help, poverty means being unable to pay their rent, bills and even sometimes food. They face insecurity and uncertainty, and many struggle daily to make enough money to survive. It doesn’t need to be this way. 

Z2K works with Londoners experiencing complex benefits and/or housing issues causing financial hardship and crisis. We use evidence from this to influence policy and system change at a national level.

* Since making this video, poverty rates have increased to 14.4 million, 4.2 million of which are children [JRF, 2024].

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Issues we help with

“I am now able to rely on a more stable income stream thanks to Z2K.”

Our impact in 2023

individuals supported with their social security & housing issues
in current & future year financial benefit for our clients
£ 360000
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Every one of our volunteers, staff and supporters is vital to our success at enabling people to move out of poverty. Find out how you can get involved.

"Without Z2K I don’t know where my family and I would be sleeping right now"

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Using evidence from our casework to campaign for change nationally
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Bridging the gap between clients and policy makers
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