Z2K responds to the Mayor’s draft Housing Strategy

housingcrisis1Yesterday marked the close of the consultation on the Mayor of London’s draft London Housing Strategy, and so Z2K was been hard at work finalising our response.  Overall, our view is that this strategy is a big disappointment.  There’s just no way the very limited set of actions contained within it will address the Capital’s escalating housing crisis.  That’s why we are calling on the Mayor to strengthen it in several key areas before he submits it to the Secretary of State for approval.

The strategy has a long and convoluted history.  Boris finally published his first housing strategy in February 2010 – nearly two years after becoming Mayor.  However, before the ink was dry, he decided the Coalition Government’s cuts to capital investment and policy reforms meant it needed updating and he published some “initial proposals” for consultation with the London Assembly.  A “Revised” London Housing Strategy was published for public consultation in 2011, followed by another 18 months’ deafening silence. Continue reading