Tribunal representation

We provide support and / or representation at appeals to the First-tier Social Security and Child Support Tribunals or the Valuation Tribunal for England on the following issues:

  • Refusal or suspension of any welfare benefit
  • Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Benefit appeals
  • Council Tax appeals

We can:

  • a write submissions on your behalf
  • a find someone to represent you at the tribunal, subject to availability

We cannot help with:

  • Obtaining permission from the First-tier Tribunal to appeal to the Upper Tribunal
  • Submissions and representation at the Upper Tribunal (this is covered by legal aid)
  • Tribunal hearings outside Zone 1-4 of London
  • Tribunal hearings on a Saturday

How to seek help with tribunal appeals

Contact us to see if we can help. You must have an appeal hearing date before coming to us and we need at least 21 days’ notice of that date. If you require an interpreter, please confirm that the tribunal has arranged one for you before seeking assistance from us. Please bring your appeal bundle and supporting documents to your first meeting with us.

If we are unable to represent you or you don’t live in London please see this guide to social security appeals.