Local Welfare Assistance Schemes

Prior to April 2013 Crisis loans were available to provide help with short term needs in a crisis. Crisis Loans for general living expenses have now been abolished and been replaced by local welfare assistance schemes to be administered by local authorities. The funding provided for establishing these has not been ring-fenced, which has resulted in local authorities across the country establishing different schemes of provision.

Other help available

Budgeting loans are available through the DWP to help claimants who have been on an income-related benefit for at least 26 weeks. The loans help cover costs of essential items for which it is difficult to budget. For information on how to apply click here.

If you are in financial need because of a delay on dealing with a claim, or making payment of a benefit award you may be able to get a short term advance. Find out more on the Turn2Us website.

London Local Welfare Assistance Schemes

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