About Anne Killeen

Anne is Z2K’s Senior Casework Manager. She oversees casework across Z2K.

Pension credit & housing benefit – a case study

About-2-million-pensioner-001We received a telephone call from a support agency that required benefits and housing advice for a client who was in her 90’s. Grace had lived in her home for over 50 years and was a rent act protected tenant, meaning her rent was restricted and reassessed by the rent officer every two years. She worried about her ability to pay as a new rent was about to be registered. Continue reading

Benefit suspension, the bedroom tax & rent arrears – a case study

dwpSusan attended our office in August 2015 because her Employment Support Allowance (ESA) had stopped. On further exploration we discovered she was being threatened with possession proceedings from her social housing landlord due to rent arrears.

Susan was subject to the bedroom tax for one bedroom, however she had been paying the shortfall from her benefits and borrowing money. This left her without enough money for food and heating. When her ESA stopped her housing benefit also stopped without her knowledge. The housing benefit department did not inform her of this and never sent her a change of circumstances form. Susan was very distressed with the increasing rent arrears, which she could not pay and was very worried the possession action would go ahead. Continue reading