About Anne Killeen

Anne is Z2K’s Senior Casework Manager. She oversees casework across Z2K.

Case study: tenant or licensee?

Javier approached us at an outreach session. He had been issued with a possession claim and his hearing was listed in the next few weeks. The basis of the claim was alleged rent arrears and that the contract had ended. Javier was very distressed as the agents for the property had called the police to assist them in evicting him. Surprisingly the police took his security of tenure more seriously and informed the agents they must obtain a possession order. Continue reading

Case update

We previously did a blog in November about Jack who was a tenant of a housing association property at which his mother also lived with him. As we previously explained Jack had accrued some historic rent arrears which led to  to a suspended possession order being made against him.

Whilst a large amount of the arrears were extinguished by the backdated Housing Benefit payment we secured there was still some arrears due to non-dependent deductions being taken from his housing benefit entitlement for his mother who was in receipt of Employment Support Allowance. His mother was contributing towards the arrears and other debts they had for heating.

We advised Jack to make a claim for Person Independence Payment which would make him exempt from the deductions and also assisted him applied for Dictionary Housing Payment to cover the historic non-dependent deductions. An award was made and now a only a small amount of rent arrears are left, which Jack and his mother are paying. This means they are no longer at risk of losing their home.

Case study: preventing an eviction

landlord-eviction-rightsJack and his mother were referred to Z2K from their local MP as they were due to be evicted from their home. Jack had succeed to the property when his father died.  However, he was very young at the time and lacked the ability to deal with financial issues. Jack also had health problems.

Jack had lived in the property with his father since 2000. He officially succeeded to the tenancy in July 2008. However, arrears had accrued on the rent account since his father passed away in December 2007. The housing association believed he was liable on the basis of in use and occupation charges. Continue reading

Client helped back into his own home

landlord-eviction-rightsDave approached us in May at an outreach session to see if we can help him find accommodation as he had been street homeless since April. He also wanted assistance in getting his belongings back from his former home. On taking further instructions to determine why he was homeless it transpired he had a closure order on his assured tenancy. Dave has various health issues and was under the influence of local people who kept trying to gain access to his property and causing problems with his neighbours in the communal areas.

The result of this was that a closure order was made for 3 months. The landlord was also in the process of taking the property back under civil proceedings based on anti-social behaviour and rent arrears. The most important step to be taken was to get the local authority to accept a homeless person’s application whilst the closure order was in force and to stop Dave being street homeless again. We managed we achieved this after a short period of time. Continue reading

Housing benefit claims and the proper documentation

Housing-Benefit-formTom approached us for assistance after his mother passed away. He was living in the family home and in receipt of Employment Support Allowance for his health issues. He was also the carer for his disabled brother. Tom was told he could succeed to the tenancy and was told he had to make payments towards the in use and occupations charges. He had made a claim for housing benefit and was paying the ineligible charges Continue reading