About Lilian Lee

Lillian is the Office Manager for all of Z2K and coordinates our IT as well as many other things.

Z2K on the London Legal Support Walk 2015

Z2K teamThe day started off wet and cold. I really had my doubts about the promised sunshine by the weather forecasters. All I could rely on was my memory of our previous Walks, it always turned out lovely somehow. And this year was no different as the sun broke through mid-afternoon. It’s funny how some things never change.

The 10km Walk started off at Carey Street, down to the Victoria Embankment through Green Park, around Hyde Park, through Trafalgar Square and back to Carey Street where a Street party awaits. Continue reading

London Legal Support Walk 2015

Z2K Team at the 6K point

2014 Z2K Team at the 6K point

Every year, Z2K gets a team together to participate in the London Legal Support Trust Walk to raise much needed funds for the charity. We are not funded by the government, and are totally reliant on personal funding, private grants and foundations. The money raised by the Walk is absolutely vital for us. Last year we raised enough to pay all the costs of a caseworker for 6 months.

This year we are walking in honour of Nick and so we hope that we will raise even more which will enable us to carry on the good work in his name.

Please visit our fundraising page to donate.

Z2K Casework in 2014

In 2014 we continued to run our existing projects as well as looking at new ways to expand our services.

Our NextDoor and NextDoor Plus projects provides assistance to clients whose housing has been affected by welfare reform, such as the housing benefit caps and bedroom tax. As part of this we run a service that helps homeless households move into private accommodation by providing a deposit guarantee.

Our generalist Advice & Advocacy Project provides assistance to clients who have problems with welfare benefits, rent arrears and council tax arrears. We also run a complaints project, as part of Reform Advice in Westminster (RAW), which identifies and reviews cases of maladministration and poor service delivery and aims to drive improvements in the delivery of welfare services. Continue reading

Petitioning against cuts to Council Tax Support in Harrow

Harrow-council-building-007On a cold day in September I joined Marc Francis, our Policy & Campaigns director, to get support for our petition against the proposed cuts to Council Tax Support in Harrow. For three hours, Marc and I braved the wind and cold outside Harrow Job Centre to get as many signatures and raise awareness of the proposed cuts.

I found being on the street asking for signatures a great way to meet the people we are helping. I found it rewarding to be able to give Harrow residents a voice through the petition. Most of the people we met were not aware of the proposals to cut their support. We met some people who told us they don’t think a petition would work as the council wouldn’t listen but we also met some who were delighted to find us campaigning on their behalf. I found that when you go out to meet people, you realise that each person you meet is an individual with their own circumstances, and they stop becoming a statistic. Continue reading

Z2K Casework Evaluation

Advice-Plus3With basic needs met, people can start to move on. Clients appreciated Z2K for enabling them to get out of crisis so that they can then make their own progress and continue with their lives’ Milla Gregor, social researcher

Our charity has doubled its size since it was set up formally in 2007. During my first year with Z2K (I joined in late 2008) I could remember the names and recognize the faces of most of our clients. With over a 1,500 clients it’s now a struggle to do that. Continue reading