About Z2K

The Zacchaeus 2000 Trust, more commonly known as Z2K, is a London-based charity addressing poverty issues caused by unfairness in the law, legal and benefits system.


Z2K was started as a volunteer organisation in early 1990s by a group of concerned Christians who refused to pay the poll tax on the grounds it was unjust. The volunteers helped other poll tax defaulters as McKenzie Friends. This spread to work with vulnerable debtors. In 1997 Z2K was registered as a charity and the Reverend Paul Nicolson ran it as a volunteer until 2007 when funds were raised to set up an office and to employ staff. In 1997 Reverend Paul Nicolson started training other volunteers to be McKenzie Friends and since then, the charity has run over 50 courses, training over 300 people.

Today we help over 600 clients annually with a variety of debt and benefit related problems. You can read more about our work here, meet our staff here and see our help and advice section here.