Case update

We previously did a blog in November about Jack who was a tenant of a housing association property at which his mother also lived with him. As we previously explained Jack had accrued some historic rent arrears which led to  to a suspended possession order being made against him.

Whilst a large amount of the arrears were extinguished by the backdated Housing Benefit payment we secured there was still some arrears due to non-dependent deductions being taken from his housing benefit entitlement for his mother who was in receipt of Employment Support Allowance. His mother was contributing towards the arrears and other debts they had for heating.

We advised Jack to make a claim for Person Independence Payment which would make him exempt from the deductions and also assisted him applied for Dictionary Housing Payment to cover the historic non-dependent deductions. An award was made and now a only a small amount of rent arrears are left, which Jack and his mother are paying. This means they are no longer at risk of losing their home.

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