Investing in Volunteers

2016 is a busy year for Z2K, quality standard wise that is. As well as going through our AQS assessment, Z2K is also currently undergoing  the renewal of it’s Investing in Volunteers quality standard. Investing in Volunteers is a quality standard for good practice in volunteer management. We were initially awarded this 3 years ago, when my predecessor Henu was the volunteer manager, and I myself was a volunteer.

Since then Z2K has expanded significantly, as have our volunteer management systems. It has been a great deal of work to go through the 9 standards and gather evidence that we meet each one, however it has also been a useful process in ensuring that we set the bar high in our treatment and appreciation of volunteers. Much like AQS, we go through this rigorous review and assessment to ensure that we are keeping ourselves accountable and providing the best possible service.

At Z2K we pride ourselves on being a volunteer led organisation and offering volunteers opportunities that we believe other organisations don’t always have. We involve volunteers in every part of the organisation and treat them as we would any other staff members. I think the fact that we have a volunteer advisory board made up of ex volunteers just goes to show how much volunteers value being part of Z2K. We can only hope all of this shines through when the IiV assessor comes to visit Z2K! I hope in my next blog to be reporting our success in IiV renewal!

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Originally from Barnsley Catherine moved to London three years ago to study Social Work at the University of West London. During her degree she completed a placement at Z2K and impressed so much with her work that she was asked to work full time after completing her degree.

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