Z2K on the London Legal Support Walk 2015

Z2K teamThe day started off wet and cold. I really had my doubts about the promised sunshine by the weather forecasters. All I could rely on was my memory of our previous Walks, it always turned out lovely somehow. And this year was no different as the sun broke through mid-afternoon. It’s funny how some things never change.

The 10km Walk started off at Carey Street, down to the Victoria Embankment through Green Park, around Hyde Park, through Trafalgar Square and back to Carey Street where a Street party awaits.

This year proved to be quite an adventure, starting with a few casualties to our team. One walker had a serious toothache, two others fell ill on the day, and two had a family emergencies, leaving us with 15 walkers. Despite that, we’re really pleased we had new walkers joined us, Ben Davies and Marcus Hill, who are volunteers, Jenny and Paul who were former volunteers, Rebecca who is our new trustee, and Anne, a new colleague who is our new senior casework manager.

As we walked through Green Park and Constitution Hill, we had to battle strong winds that swept sand and pollens into our eyes.  We braved the wrath of drivers halted at the crossings by continuous flow of walkers. We dodged cyclists as we over spilt into the cycling lane (oops). We lost team mates only to find them again at crossings.

The pace was a lot quicker this year, and all that kept me going despite my aching feet was Ice Cream at the café by Hyde Park. My heart sanked when I found out there were no ICE CREAM! It was too cold to be selling ice cream by the park. We channelled our disappointment to the Walk, marching to the very end!

But all the hardship was worth it! We’re one of the top fundraisers in the Walk, with £12924.75. We’re £2075.25 short of hitting our target of £15000 though. The fundraising page is still be open so do be generous.

The Walk was kind of different this year. Last year at the Café, we stopped for ice-cream, laughing and chatting, we had Nick Goldberg with us. Romin, his partner, was there too. And it felt like it would stay that way, we would have Nick with us next year too. But this year, we wore badges reminding us of him. A human life is fragile. I learnt that life is short, so live it well and Nick taught me that – to live a life that makes a difference in another, and that’s what the money raised from the Walk will do.

In the end, it’s not the year in your life that count. It’s the life in your yearsAbraham Lincoln

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