Future of London’s private rented housing – Z2K’s view

Earlier this week we submitted a response to the London Assembly’s Housing and Regeneration Committee’s review of the future of London’s private rented housing.  

The Committee is seeking to identify what is required to ensure tenants in the private rented sector have standards of housing equal to those found in the social rented and owner occupied sectors – decent conditions, security of tenure and affordable housing.

In our submission we argue that both rent controls and increased security of tender are necessary to address the problems that exist in the private rented sector, especially for low income tenants and those in receipt of housing benefit.

For example if tenants had increased security of tenure, they could enforce their rights without the fear of being evicted.  As time passed and the worst offending landlords realised that they could no longer shirk their responsibilities, they may become more proactive about maintenance and emergency repairs, thus reducing the need for enforcement at all.

You can read our full submission here.