Paul Nicolson comments on benefit cap.

It is the landlords who profited from the £billions paid in housing benefit every year; now we learn that £100 billion of UK property has been placed in offshore accounts beyond the reach of the taxman.

It is not fair on welfare claimants that they are bearing the heat and the burden of deficit reduction and welfare reform with cuts and caps, forcing them into unmanageable debt, while the landlords get off Scott free.

Fairness to tax payers matters but there is no balancing mantra from government or opposition regularly repeating the unfairness to welfare claimants.

Landlords have exploited both the market and the tax payer by increasing their rents in a housing market in short supply and receiving more and more housing benefit.

The mantra pouring out of the Department of Work and Pensions repeats it is unfair to taxpayers if welfare claimants are placed in expensive properties by local authorities with housing benefit paying the rent, which hard working tax payers could not dream about living in.

That is nothing compared to the unfairness to the tax payer and welfare claimants of tax the free palaces of the landlords that none of us can dream of living in.

The Bishops are right to oppose the cap on the Universal Credit in the Welfare Reform Bill.


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